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My teaching experience covers a wide range of activities from individual tuition/coaching to adjudicating both in this country and worldwide.


I teach recorder on a one-to-one basis to children and adults and have experience in grade examinations and Diploma level performance with pupils gaining high marks and excellent comments from examiners.  Pupils are encouraged to enter local Music Festivals for performing experience and at the Ealing Festival  pupils  received the prize for best performance of the day. Pupils are prepared for concerts and recitals and the music taught ranges from the Renaissance to Contemporary,Popular and Jazz.


Adults learning want to improve their technique and to have a better understanding of the recorder and music they play.  All levels are catered for and styles range from Early to Modern.  Some adults also want to take examinations. 

" result is a comment on your has certainly given me confidence.." J.Kaluzny




COURSES :See Diary Page

I teach on a variety of courses throughout the U.K. covering a wide age range and ability from young musicians to adults.  The music taught both in solo tutorial and ensemble classes is a diverse mixture.  Recorder Orchestra, Early Music performance and Modern Repertoire have been taught to a high level with coaching aimed at both an end performance and  for fun.

All Fingers and Thumbs Course May 2013 Student Feedback:

"...course was extremely well structured.Challenging and amazing variety of pieces,techniques and learning points."

"...wonderfully friendly and relaxed atmosphere.."

"..Andrew has a natural authorty.."

"..Beautiful concert on the Saturday.."


Other Student Comments:

"... Thank you again for a fabulous weekend. I always come away from your sessions feeling I'm a better player and interpreter of the music than I was, which is great...."


"...Thank you for a most interesting and varied weekend, Andrew. You really are
a superlative teacher...."



"....thanks for a super weekend - I really enjoyed the choice of music and being able to swap instruments so freely,..."


"...Thank you for a great selection of music and a most worthwhile weekend, bananas and all....."



".....Thanks so much for such a great weekend's tuition...."




I have taught classes for adults both for education authorities and in a private capacity.  They have been a mixture of Ensemble and Solo classes with a wide range of ability.  In an Ensemble situation the various sizes of recorder are used and pupils are encouraged to become proficient and versitile so they can perform and change easily.  Technique is taught not only in regard to the instrument but in ensemble playing and how to approach performing in  a group and then in consorts one-to-a-part.   Music played ranges from Early to Modern looking at both original music written for the recorder and arrangements of other works.  Solo classes look at more soloistic performing with a wealth of music in the Early and Baroque repertoire with encouragement to delve into the Modern repertoire too!   Pupils have given individual performances at end of term concerts which has helped their development and  getting over the fears of performing...!!   I teach an advanced group in London where the adults are of a higher standard. 



 I have taught at all levels both in Primary and Secondary schools throughout London giving individual,group and even whole class tuition! I have taught at G.C.S.E./A.S. and A-level working on performances for recitals, recordings and assessments.  Ensemble work in schools has also been covered with groups performing at school,in public concert and on a wider platform.  Groups have been coached to participate in local and National festivals and competitions.











"....A nicely varied programme which kept the children interested throughout..."     Alpha School Harrow 


I perform a half hour recital of recorder music in which I demonstrate and talk about the various sizes and types of instrument from large to small.  This gives the audience an idea of the varied sounds and techniques used in recorder playing and composing for the instrument.  Some pupils may already have been taught recorder and know something about it.

 "Andrew pitched his commentary at just the right level for his audience(year3-6)..."


Music played is a mixture of serious and fun with many different genres.  I try to show that the recorder is a serious instrument and can be played at the highest level.


"We loved the tune with the crocodile noises"


I also coach the school recorder ensemble for a session on music selected by the teacher or worked on by the pupils.  We work on warming-up, breathing, playing together, style and listening to each other. Also "avant-garde" technique and improvisation is an option.

 "...when is he coming again.."


     Typical recital programme includes:

Ragtime and Blues                            Golland

Badinerie                                       Bach

Nice n'' Easy                                  Bonsor

The Voice of the Crocodile                    Thorn

Sonata F Major                                 Handel

Wat zalmen op den avond doen                V.Eyck


Next Performance:



From 1992 -2004 I was Musical Director of the London Branch of the Society of Recorder Players.  The group met on a monthly basis and I conducted three times a year. The music covered a wide range of styles from Early to Modern and all sizes of recorder were played.   I have also conducted other branches including Edinburgh, Bimingham, Mid-herts, Devon, Guildford and Wessex.  I have conducted at annual S.R.P Festivals and Playing Days.

"...your enormous contridution to making Saturday such a succesful day...impressed with your style of getting us through the music and how good you are.Altogether it was a brilliant Day"

Bolton Playing Day 2014

"....Andrew provided his trademark energy,patience and attention to detail..." Guildford Playing Day  2008   Recorder Magazine

Next appearance:  


Review of Playing Day for Wessex S.R.P October 2010 :

"...Our playing day was great. We played a lot. In parts it was very fast
and with sophisticated chromatics. Ute enjoyed it very much.
The teacher was great, the people  very friendly, the music
very nice, the weather fantastic, the teacher's concert was great!!
What more can one want...."

                Gerhard Wegener



I am an experienced adjudicator working both here and abroad.  Festivals include the Edinburgh Music, Chichester Music and the Stratford and East London Music.  In February 2003 I was invited to adjudicate at the 55th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, a three week event where I listened to recorder solos, duets, ensembles as well as percussion, flute, clarinet, harmonica and melodica.I was invited back in 2006 and 2011.  Recent adjudications have been at the Bristol Festival 2013 and Exeter Festival 2014.

I have also adjudicated at the Yamaha/ERTA Ensemble competition on three occasions.



I teach piano from beginner to advanced with pupils prepared for examinations (Grade and G.C.S.E/A.S/A LEVEL) and performances.  A wide range of music is covered including classical, popular and jazz .  I teach adults also who want to learn for fun and enjoyment.  Pupils have entered local Music Festivals and played in school concerts.  I teach both at home and in pupils homes.

I accompany musicians for concerts, exams and auditions playing a diverse range of styles.

I play at receptions and parties performing suitable music for the occasion.  These include popular classics, ballads, pop, jazz, christmas and show tunes.


I have experience in tutoring cornet, trumpet and tenor horn working towards exams or performances.  I have entered pupils in local Music Festivals with great success.  I can tutor ensembles and give workshops.



I teach theory to Grade Eight level and also coach pupils working towards G.C.S.E/A.S./A LEVEL exams in composition, musicianship and general musical history/performance practice.  I have coached  adults in the first level of the Open University Music degree.

Most students wish to attain their Grade five theory so they can proceed to a higher level of graded examinations.  Theory exams can also gain accreditation for University/College entrance.


I teach AQA G.C.S.E Music dealing with Composition  Areas Of Study Theory and Performing. A two year course or one Year if needed.Weekly lessons.

2009 results were two Grade A grades.

2010 result was a Grade C.

2012 result was a Grade B

2015 result was a Grade B


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