I play solo recorder music in exciting and entertaining programmes demonstrating a variety of styles,instruments and techniques.

Performances last from between twenty minutes to three quarters of an hour depending on the event.

Music includes Chinese folksongs, Medieval dances, Renaissance variations, High Baroque from Germany and France, virtuosic Csakan music from the nineteenth century and the more modern and contemporary repertoire.


Below is a typical programme featuring a mixture of different repertoire entitled "FUSION" which has been successfully performed on several occassions and is well received by audiences.




            Tre Fontane                             anon.It 14th C.

            Lady Meng Jiang                        Chinese folksong

            F Major Fantasie                       G.P. Telemann

            Derde doen Daphne d'over             Jacob van Eyck

            Klange de Nacht                        Genzmer

            Meditation                               Hirose

            Lament de Tristano and La Rotta      anon. It 14th C.


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