FUSION is the exciting recording by Duo Ricercare.

A diverse mix of music from Early to Modern......Music by Krahmer Piazzola Handel Machado Castello Challinger and Burnell.

Price:£12.00 incl.p&p.  A Real Bargain....

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You can see and hear a live performance of some of the tracks featured on Fusion  by clicking on these links:



Round Dance recording and Fusion review by the composer:

".... I said I'd let you know what I thought about the new recording of my piece. Well, I think it's terrific! The speed is a bit slower than marked which means that the detail comes across really well. I am no great believer in the sanctity of metronome marks and you have brought out the rather dark character of the music splendidly;a sort of Danse Macabre in fact.I really enjoyed the expressive playing from both of you. Many thanks for including it. As you say on the notes the collection shows the versatility of the recorder/guitar combination with a great variety of music,all of which seemed to work very well. I'd not thought of the Castello with guitar before and it was great...."      Andrew Challinger


Ember/Kindle and Fusion review by the composer:

"......You expect a mastery of expressive styles from the performers on an album with the title "Fusion" and the two players who make up Duo Ricercare demonstrate all the skills required. Andrew Collis on recorders and Graham Roberts on guitar move effortlessly between baroque and contemporary styles whilst maintaining a superbly sympathetic ensemble balance. Andrew achieves maximum expressiveness across the pitch range of recorders played whilst Graham provides solid accompaniments and makes the most of the melodic opportunities that arise.All these capabilities are shown in their performance of my piece Ember/Kindle and I feel fortunate to have had Duo Ricercare record it on their album...."  Paul Burnell

Play list:

Rondo Hongrois   E.Krahmer

Cafe 1930   A.Piazzola

A minor Sonata  G.F Handel

Vamo Nessa  C.Machado

Sonata Prima   D.Castello

Round Dance A.Challinger

Sao Paolo en Nuite   C.Machado

Ember/Kindle P.Burnell


To hear Sound bites click on:




Rondo Hongrois (1457kb)

                          Review of "Fusion"

The English musicians Andrew Collis and Graham Roberts display a perfect combination and dynamic balance between the instruments, as well as a variety of styles on this CD.

The recorder and guitar duo work extremley well in Handel's Sonata A minor. In the first movement the gentle guitar accompaniment compliments the sonorous recorder part. In the second movement the frantic guitar line does not overpower the recorder and in the third movement the recorder's beautifully ornamented vocal line is backed again by an equally soft and empathetic guitar accompaniment. In the final movement both parts communicate joyous energy and vitality.

The Rondo Hongrois by Krahmer has virtuosic energy and the ambience of folk and gypsy music. The recorder and guitar are perfect to convey the jovial vitality of the piece.

Cafe 1930 by Piazzola is also perfect for the instruments as it is in the "nuevo tango" style incorporating the traditional tango with elements from jazz and classical music. The hauntingly beautiful melody of this piece is very melancholic and almost sounds similar to Dowland's Pavane Lachrimae with an Argentinian twist. Other South American pieces include Vamo Nessa by Machedo which is a laid-back work, and Paulo a Noite which is a lively bossa nova piece.

Round Dance by Challinger is an original work for recorder and guitar.This piece is extremely effective at portraying the rhythmic energy and drive of the guitar with the lyrical virtuosity of the recorder. Other modern works include Ember/Kindle by Burnell which was commissioned by the duo. Ember effectively grows in intensity as the piece progresses just like a growing ember. In Kindle the ember burts into life with the recorder becoming more energetic and melodic with vocal sounds and guitar riffs to provide fire and energy.

The virtuosic energy,excitement and vitality of Andrew Collis are conveyed at it's best in Castello's Sonata Prima. In this piece he is able to communicate the Venetian raw emotion and schizophrenic changes of mood, as well as excitingly accurate and stunningly beautiful division ornamentation within the melodic line. This is driven by the harmonic power of Graham's powerful counterpoint that creates a syncopated and jazzy accompaniment.

Overall, this is a fantastic CD with a wide range of repertoire and styles that disiplay the superb vitality and virtuosity of the duo.


Oliver Smith   Recorder Magazine Autumn 2010

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